If the worst happens that's when we look for our insurance. And as we always say 'it's better looking at it than looking for it' !        


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You could pay less than £190*
*51% of consumers who received a quote for Home Building & Contents Insurance through
this service provided by Seopa Ltd in October 2022 were quoted less than £189.71. The price
you could achieve is dependent on your individual circumstances.

House Insurance usually has two main parts - the building itself, and the contents in it. Imagine your house is like a dolls house and you turn it upside down - anything that moves is generally speaking contents and anything that stays put is buildings! 

Some important areas to consider -

  • How much would it take to rebuild my house? Most quotes will show a calculator and a range of rebuild costs as a guide. If in doubt, don't skimpt on the amount.
  • Have you any valuables such as jewellery etc that you want covered while outside the house? If so, they need to be noted when completing a quote. If you haven't had them valued in a while it may be worth considering an up to date valaution.
  • Do you require accidental damage ? If you put your foot through the ceiling that can be an example of accidental damage to buildings. For contents, spilling paint on the new sofa! It costs a bit more to add this.

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